Mar 2, 2012

Trash Talk

We have a new rule in our house. It's a very serious one. When I'm watching reality television, Keane is not to be in the room. This becomes difficult to enforce in our one bedroom apartment but I try my darnedest because his commentary is not appreciated. He gripes mostly about the housewives and teen moms. and Chris Harrison's cheese.

I get it. Sometimes I even have to turn the volume down when Jenelle and her mom start bickering or when the guidos are being exceptionally dumb. But the thing is it's my time to escape into a world of mind-mushing entertainment and I don't care to be interrupted with sarcasm and disdain, thankyouverymuch.

I mean, you won't hear me complain from September to February (6 months! half my life!) when our DVR is filled with every college and pro football game televised. I simply ask for the same courtesy.

 So, the rule has been instated and will be strictly enforced. From this day forward, I will watch my trash in peace.

Oh, and TGIF!
This week can gladly get gone.

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