Apr 8, 2012

Little Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter! 
What a difference a year makes! These photos were taken last Easter when I was still living in Boulder and Keane had just moved to Wyoming. I was so grateful to spend time with my family before moving to join my husband just a few weeks later. 

We didn't make the trip home this weekend because we're driving down Tuesday to fly out of Denver for our Hawaii trip, but I miss everyone so much and really wish we could give our nieces and nephews a big squeeze today. 

Yesterday was the first day in several months that I have struggled with homesickness. I am SO ready to move back to Colorado to be near everyone we love so much! And get out of this godforsaken Wyoming wind. 

Today, we're headed out for a hike on Casper Mountain and plan to relax with a movie later. 
Do us a favor? Give your families extra hugs today. For us. 


  1. So so cute! <3

    I'm esp. loving that little tie!

  2. I will admit, I have some precious nieces and nephews ;) Stylish too!


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