Apr 6, 2012

Countdown begins

Good gravy this has been a day. I'm off from work for Good Friday but it's been far from relaxing. My goal was to get as much done in preparation for our trip (we leave for Hawaii on Wednesday!!) so hubbin and I could enjoy the weekend together. But on top of cleaning, doing laundry and running errands this morning, I managed to totally erase all my apps, music and contacts while updating my iPhone, have a minor freakout, recover a fraction of my contacts, find worms in our dog's poo (too much?), have a second minor freakout, take both dogs to the vet, spend $200 on medication for said poo worms, and finally get home to discover it's 5:00 and my day off is gone. 
Can I get a redo?!

Today was supposed to be the second of my #hairphotoaday posts but I decided I'm not going to do them anymore for 3 reasons: 1) It seems a little vain and gratuitous to post 30 pictures of my own mug if, in the end, I can't even donate my hair. 2) We will be in Hawaii for 10 days and I'm sure as heck not going to be remembering to keep up with that while I'm in paradise spending uninterrupted time with my mancandy. 3) Regimented posts like that stress me out and this little spot is supposed to be a fun outlet, not a dreaded obligation. So alas, I'm not doing it! 
Man that feels good.

I took a site tour of Keane's building today– it's really coming along! I'm so proud of that guy and all his hard work. 

Tonight we're spending time with friends, tomorrow and Sunday will be used for packing, Monday we'll scramble to get things tied up at work, Tuesday we'll head to Denver, and Wednesday! Wednesday is our day. I can't wait to step off that plane and smell Hawaii for the first time. It really does have a distinct smell, doesn't it? Like flowers and ocean and sunscreen and time-off work. 


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