Oct 4, 2013

Birthday week in photos

Here's a peek at what we were up to last week.

We've recently discovered that someone lives to swing
Supporting our friends' company by rocking some Rep Your Water gear
My birthday dinner with the in-laws. Keane is notorious for turning good photos into ridiculous photos
My loves
Spending some quality time with Grandma
Joint birthday celebration since my sister's birthday is four days before mine
My beautiful sissy and her first born Caleb who looks alarmingly like a teenager here
A visit from Great Aunt Kelly and Great Uncle Steve from Tucson
Some of the most touching vows I've ever witnessed at Keane's cousin's wedding
Family photo. The stache is still around. 
Great Uncle Gary and second cousin Emily. Lots of family time last week.
It's not very often that I dress up and do my hair (it's a small victory if I even shower), so we took a lot of photos
mmm, mmm, mmm. I could just eat those lips right up. 
Happy Friday, loves. I hope you all do something nice for yourselves and your loved ones. 

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