Oct 21, 2014

Fall Festivities

So many things about this picture make me want to simultaneously giggle and weep. She looks like such a big kid walking with her hands in her pockets, sporting that glorious grin. I am reminded how quickly time passes when I compare this year's pumpkin picking photos to those taken last year

Liv was just a tiny six month old last time, obliging me with a few festive photo ops. But this year, she truly got it. She wanted to pull the wagon all by herself. She picked out her own pumpkin, ran through the corn maze and waved at the scarecrow. 

My baby is a year and a half now, recently weaned and insisting she do many things without my help. How quickly these little turkeys go from totally and completely dependent on you for survival, to this "I can do it myself" attitude!

Wishing you and yours all the best in pumpkin carving, apple picking and cozy sweater wearing this fall season!

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