Apr 5, 2012

Thursday Throwback

In honor of the upcoming holiday...

Easter 1987
I have always loved Easter. It marks the thawing of a season that, if you ask me, has long worn out its welcome. I can't get enough of the bright colors budding from the ground and fresh new air finally flooding into open windows this time of year. 

My memories of this holiday involve waking up too early and anxiously scanning the room for a little basket of goodies. This particular Easter, I was a year and a half and clearly over the moon about my new books and stuffed bunny.

May chocolate rabbits and plastic eggs find their way to you this Easter weekend!

PS- I still have every stuffed animal in this photo, all of which are in mint condition 26 years later. I think it's safe to say my OCD tendencies surfaced early. Embaaaaarrassing. 

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